Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Light

I love the light in winter, especially around Christmas time. Maybe it's because there is so much less of it during the short daylight hours, that the light at night makes up for days' brevity by being both stronger and more delicate. The daytime sunlight is pale, but the night's moonlight is intense, reflecting off a new snowfall. Dusk and evening are my favorite times at the Christmas season. Last night, the full moon shone down on the white snow with a magical beauty.
We tend to bring light into a focal point in our indoor celebrations as well. Logs on the fire, with flames dancing are incomparable for warmth and comfort. Glowing candles are a wonderful part of our decorations. Whether grouped together short and tall, or used individually, candles provide a soft glow of light. The candlelight bounces from each shiny surface; from the ornament balls on the Christmas tree, to the silver teapot on it's tray, to the crystal icicles hanging in the window, to the gilt frame enclosing a precious photo. It lights up and softens loved faces. I once saw an entire town lit with luminaries which are small paper bags with lit tea light candles snuggled in sand inside. It was magical on a Christmas evening.
And last but of most importance is starlight. As far as we know there were no candles on that first Christmas. But the special star and the light it provided were unique. I am so glad God chose a star to provide guidance and light, blessing all in the path of it's radiance. Jesus was born, the bright morning star of mankind.

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Anonymous said...

Me too, Jennie. Light is amazing and always quickens my heart. Isn't it something that there are so many variations. I can hardly wait to meet the Creator of it all. This morning in the beautiful first light I was blessed to see a huge formation of geese flying Eastward. Honking all the way. I couldn't freeze frame the scene and count them but there were at least 21 as I counted 10 in the part of the V that was closest to me and then the one in the lead. What a gorgeous sight. Merry Christmas.