Monday, April 29, 2013

Samuel Nils Jones

I thought that this week I would a few of my favorite photos of each grandchild, from our trip. This will update Great Grandma and other family members on how each child is growing and changing. It also shows all the fun things I got to do with each one.
 On Ben's birthday we all went to the park. Samuel was a bit disappointed that he didn't get to go fishing and catch a fish for me (seafood lover). So we sat and I tried to show him the 'string game', while I told him the story of how John and I met and how we played the string game together while we talked and got to know each other. I told him it might come in handy as a courting 'tool'. Unfortunately, we could only get in a few moves before I forgot how to finish it up. But we had a great few moments together.

 Julie has enrolled Ben and Calvin in a gym class, and above the gym is a balcony for runners and walkers. Sam and I got in several laps together before he and William decided to do some running. Sam isn't as tall as I am yet, but I expect one of these days soon he will be.

 After gym class, Samuel and William go to piano lessons. While Sam was waiting for William to complete his lesson he got in some drawing time, one of his hobbies. He's getting really good at it too, along with learning to play the piano.

 In Williamsburg, we toured the Governor's Palace, where the English Governor of Virginia stayed. Sam, in the green shirt, is at the back of a group listening to the guide. He has his Williamsburg pass on the back of his hat, a creative place to show he's paid!

 At Jamestown Sam and I enjoyed exploring the front of the largest of three ships that brought the first colonists to America. They have done a really good job of recreating these ships, and making them hands-on for children and adults to explore and ask questions.
 At the Jamestown fort, Sam is wearing a man's linen shirt, which even though Sam is getting much taller, was still too big. He said it was pretty comfortable though.

We got to do a bit of dancing in Williamsburg, 15th century style. It was fun dancing with my older grandsons. They are experienced dancers with the period balls they attend each year. An older gentleman accompanied us on a flute-type instrument that was beautiful.

And one more photo of Sam trying out the water buckets, and feeling what it would have been like to haul water from the well in Jamestown. He said it was heavy though the buckets didn't have any water in them. A good lesson.... 
I don't have any photos of Samuel holding his youngest sister Bronwyn, but you'll just have to take my word that he did a lot of that. Whenever he can get his hands on her, he loves to hold her and keep her entertained.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Julie Post

 Julie is someone we never see much of on our blog posts. She is the busy one, the mother always taking the photos of someone else. Since I was right there with the family, I was able to get a few of her for a change. The above photo is how she looked most of the time on our trip. A babe snuggled to her chest, contentedly sleeping most of the time. There's something delightful to see a mother and child so connected, and peaceful.
 Julie and her three daughters, Millie, Cecily and Bronwyn. Bronwyn got to take her nap for just a brief while in the stroller provided by Jamestown.

 The trees and flowers really popped out while we were on vacation, the warm weather bringing on the red bud trees especially. They are lovely, the first to bloom, and before they set on their leaves for the season. Cute little feet sticking out of the front-pack!

 Julie, with six of her eight blessings, filling a pew in the re-constructed church at Jamestown.
 Just in case Bronwyn was gone for a moment (being carried by someone else), Julie would be seen using her new camera. She really got a lot of use from that camera over the weeks we were there, and took some really nice photos. She is interested in photography, and since she has so many subjects to photograph it is a handy tool.

 This photo is one that you will have to click on to see it larger and appreciate. Every so often Bronwyn would wake up enough to want to eat, and Julie would find an out-of-the-way place to accomplish that discreetly. It all went amazingly smoothly. Here though, Julie & Bronwyn have stopped for a moment's rest and a chat with a costumed lady. A typical sweet
Williamsburg scene.
 Julie and I had quite a few lovely times together on this trip. Here we are standing in front of a tea house at Bassett Hall, the home of Franklin D Roosevelt II, and enjoying a garden tour. We also got to attend a cooking demonstration in Morgantown, put on by 'A Taste of Home', a wedding shower tea, time together to just talk and laugh, a lunch together at the Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg with shopping afterwards (just the two of us a rare treat) and we felt like we got our cups filled up a bit with each other's company.

Because Bronwyn was with her mother most of the time, I didn't get very many photos of her. I am including this one, because Bronwyn goes along with the post on Julie. Where Julie is, there Bronwyn is. But here, outside of church on a Sunday, all decked out in her Lord's Day best, I got to hold and love on her. She is adorable, and such a great baby. The whole family dotes on her. I SO enjoyed meeting her. She is number eight in her family, and my mother was number eight in her own family, so there is a real connection between this Grammie and #8.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Honoring People of Faith

I want to pause today in my sharing of photos from our trip, to honor two believers that lived well, fought a good fight, and have now obtained the prize awaiting them in glory.
"Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him. I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation." Psalm 91:14-16
 Upon returning home, we learned of the death of George Beverly Shea. Being a musical family, we have always enjoyed the music of Bev Shea, his rich deep baritone, and his simple messages. He reached hundreds of thousands of people and touched lives with his gifting. His is a voice we will miss in our world of noise.
 This is exactly as I remember him, growing up in Seattle and as a newly married young woman. Watching televised crusades and church services, he would always be the gentleman, and always clear and heart felt about his faith and his God. What a good long life God blessed him with. You can click on this link to hear him sing: George Beverly Shea sings I'd Rather Have Jesus in 1965

 And secondly, I want to give a moment to remembering the life of Edith Schaeffer. Her life, her writings, and her service impacted a generation of believing women to do better, to live strongly and obediently. I have enjoyed her books, but they touched me most because her life backed up the truth of what she wrote. She especially taught me about the importance of beauty in our lives, and in passing that gift on to our families. I met her once at a book signing, and she took the time to draw a simple scene of the alps, birds and clouds on the flyleaf, before signing a simple personal message. That has always impressed me deeply. No matter the circumstance, we have time to touch others with the beauty of God's creations. Her unwavering devotion to raising her children, and being the helpmate for her husband Francis in his work was a true model for all of us. Again, God blessed her with a wonderfully long life.

Thank you to the people who rise above, and shine with the glory of God as they serve Him. In every generation there are heroes of the faith, and we do well to remember.

Monday, April 22, 2013

One More Cap and the Millinery Store

 (Part II from the last post)  Here is the last mob cap, on Bronwyn.  :)  But she is actually trying it on in the Millinery Shop in this picture.
 Here's a better picture of the inside of the shop.
And here is what the outside of this lovely shop in Williamsburg looks like.  A fun stop for all of the girls in our group!

Wonderful Vacation

We have returned home from a glorious two weeks with Julie and her family. We had such a good time with each precious grandchild, and since we only get to see them about once a year, we relished each moment. It was an exceptional blessing for all of us to travel and visit Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia. Traveling with twelve of us had it's challenges, but overall it went very smoothly. There are many needs to be met, between a 6-month old and an almost 14-year old, and including two seniors (that's us!) But the memories will be sweet and long lasting. Over the next week I will share some of my favorite photos, and hopefully Julie will chime in with a few of her favorites too.
I am going to start with a few of the grand kids as they would have looked like in Colonial times.
 We had a very fun morning at a house in Williamsburg that was chock full of things for the kids to see and do. Very hands-on, which was entertaining for all of us. Ben and Millie tried on a few hats....

 and Cecily tried one on too.
At Jamestown, Samuel was patient as I tried a Colonial 'shirt' on him (they were linen & went to their knees back then) while Ben tried on a bit of armor like a soldier of the fort.
and Millie thought that would be fun too.
All of us girls went to a millinery shop and fell in love with the different types of head wear. We decided to get these 'mop caps' for Millie and Cecily and they were a big hit! We also got one for Bronwyn but Julie has the photo of the baby one. Maybe she will share it with us.

 The hats had draw strings in the back to tighten the hat to fit the size of head, and looked so cute hanging down.

The girls enjoyed them after we got back home too....they look pretty old fashioned reading here together, don't they?

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Good Catch

I really liked this picture of my husband's recent catch.  He and the boys don't have much experience nor time to develop it when it comes to fishing.  I have a young fish expert in my family, but it's mostly from reading about fish.  What I'm trying to say is that they don't often catch this big of a fish.  It was exciting.  I believe it was a sixteen-inch bass (which was full of eggs, so they released it).  A bass can bring a lot of happiness.  

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Visit to the Jones Family

 We are all enjoying each other, and basking in being together! Here are Papa and Grammy getting to know Bronwyn, the newest family member. I decided to just post a few photos to show the children and how much we are enjoying ourselves.

 Julie, Amelia. Cecily and I all went to a bridal shower 'Tea Party' together, and the girls each received a cookie in a white wrapper as they left. More on that later....
 Lots of baby time, cooking and reading. So fun!
 Cecily and Bronwyn.
 Papa went with the boys on an adventure. They followed the creek at the bottom of their property for about 1/2 a mile, through a canyon and on to the mighty Monongahela River. Here's some of the first to get back.
Today we celebrated Millie's 6th birthday, and we started out with glazed pecan scones, fruit, hard boiled eggs and chocolate milk, all selected by the birthday girl. There are twelve of us, and we don't all fit at the dinning room table, so the children all take turns sitting at a small table on the side. This morning it was Sam & Will's turn to sit there : )

 Miss Bronwyn on her way to church. Maybe practicing for the hymns?
 Everyone loves the baby, especially biggest brother Sam.
And then a birthday tea party this afternoon, complete with pink frosted cupcakes and sparkles.

Tomorrow we are all on our way to Williamsburg, for a much needed vacation for the Jones Family. Can't wait to post some pics from there.