Saturday, December 24, 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016

Wonderful Birthday Celebration!

My birthday falls on the first day of December, and due to the usual weather and getting older, there isn't too much to celebrate. But this year we decided to take a trip to Seattle where I grew up to celebrate. We had a fun trip there, stopping to see granddaughter Kory, and daughter Joy and family on the way. As we pulled into Seattle in time for lunch, the insurance man took me to a favorite, Ivars down on Elliott Bay. We picked out our plates of food, then sat where the hopeful seagulls watched us intently. It was damp and cold, but they have large heaters warming the outside air, and the view was marvelous. 
It was 'blue Friday', which was the discount you got for being a Seahawks fan. Tis' the land of the Huskies and Seahawks after all. 

One reason we made the trip was to see my brother and sister-in-law. My brother Joe had been in an accident recently, hence the wrist cast, and I wanted to check up on him.
We also wanted to meet the newest family member, Teddy. He is an ENORMOUS golden doodle puppy! That's right, I said puppy!!
Just like any toddler, he wants to be entertained and played with, so the insurance man did his part and danced with Teddy. I just tried to keep myself uncovered from his love and affection.
That evening we found our way back to downtown Seattle where we had booked a room at this very interesting boutique hotel. It is at the foot of Queen Anne Hill, and in a brick building built in 1908. The building is a city block in size, and was built to train car mechanics from blacksmiths to work at the Ford factory. 
 Front door of the hotel...
and the beautiful main lobby. The staircase goes up both sides for a total of 3 stories.
Second floor landing.
This is a shot of the wonderful architecture of the staircase.
At the top, a stained glass skylight.
The next morning we found that the complimentary breakfast was served in the pub on the main floor. We found a wonderful little alcove with cozy chairs and a gas fire burning. We enjoyed homemade yogurt with honey and fresh fruit, a toasted bagel and wonderful coffee. But you couldn't beat the atmosphere~We relaxed and really enjoyed this.
On Saturday we drove up the hill and enjoyed a walk with a marvelous view of Puget Sound, the city and the beautiful mansions there. We spent the day again visiting Joe, Cathy and Teddy then returned to the MarQueen for the night.
After enjoying the breakfast for a second day, we walked again before leaving Seattle, this time down to the Seattle Center just a few blocks away. The fountain has always been a special friend of mine, but not the right time of year for it to display with a cold spell on the way. Still, always nice to re-acquaint with old friends. 
We decided to get on our way south, and drive back home over Mount Hood before the weather closed in. Good thing too. We enjoyed the snow, and made it just fine before being snowed in by a foot and a half of snow that hit us later that week. 
Good thing JoAnn crocheted me this scarf and matching mittens for my birthday!! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bed or No Bed?

What a warm inviting cozy Christmas bed to climb into each night in December!
But I can't help but also think each night of the many in our community that don't have a warm cozy bed in our very cold temperatures. Our shelters are doing what they can to bring the homeless into town from their many camps, but it's never enough. I can't do much. I can help fill their stomachs with hot food. And I can whisper a prayer each night to the One who can do it all. 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Greetings

"I will give thanks to Thee, O Lord, among the peoples;
And I will sing praises to Thee, among the nations.
For Thy steadfast love is great, above the heavens;
and Thy faithfulness reaches to the skies.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
and Thy glory above all the earth."
Psalm 108

Thanksgiving greetings and love to all our family and friends!

Monday, November 21, 2016

It's Good To Have Family!

 We traveled to Woodland recently, to help Joy & Kirk & Macy move. They decided to downsize for a while, and sold their big house now that most of the kids are grown and on their own. I must say that I think moving is on everyone's list of NOT favorite things to do. Necessary but not easy. At least we did have beautiful fall weather, and all our moving was done between rain showers.
 We had the senior brigade helping out. The insurance man and I, and Kirk's dad Bob and stepdad Danny. Kirk and his brother Kevin worked hard while Joy and I and Macy packed and then unpacked.
 They moved into an unusual rental place. Their friend Jeff had taken an old house and renovated it (it is rented and occupied) and then built a large (2000+ sq ft) apartment over the garage. It is a beautiful place, and I thought I'd post a few photos so you can see where they moved to.
 Main Bathroom...
 Main living space on 1st floor (with stairs in background leading up to the apartment)
 The room that will be their office and work space (lots of light)
 They have doors going out to balconies all around the 1st floor..

And the family area upstairs on their 2nd floor.

It is a beautiful apartment, and Jeff's work is wonderful. It's new construction made to look and feel old. Just my kind of place! 
Macy and Joy taking a quick break! 

Hopefully I can take a few photos of the place when I get there next, and after Joy has put things away and you can really see what it's like!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Busy Schedules

When I was a working gal, I always pictured retirement like this in my mind's eye. Unfortunately, this comes all too infrequently in my mornings now. But when it does, it's a sweet thing. I have learned that 'busy' is a word in all our lives today, working or retired. I have to work at finding space in my schedule, finding peace in my everyday life, just like most of us women. I am hoping that November will be a quiet peaceful month this year, with time abounding for reading God's Word.
Autumn has been a lovely season this year, with gorgeous colors and mild temps. So much to savor and enjoy!
May November be a blessed month at your house too!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nothing Like a Family Wedding Celebration

There's nothing like a family wedding! We looked forward to this one for several months in advance, and it was even better than anticipated. Our oldest granddaughter Kory married Samuel Miller on October 8th, in a beautiful country venue. We don't have the professional photos back, but here are some of my favorite random snapshots taken during the day (in no particular order).
 You may now kiss the bride....
 Granddaughters Amelia and Macy...
 A victory sign of 'it's finally done!'
 Julie, Papa and JoAnn
 Julie came all the way from West Virginia with Jameson (in her arms), Amelia and Benjamin. She is also carrying her 7th son, due in December.
 Joy, Kendall and Grammy...I love this one.
 Mom and daughter
 Snappy looking Benjamin and Neil.
 Posed by the nice
 Bride and Mom
 Very special sisters
 Kendall's dress was so pretty!
 Vows. They did the traditional ones, then each their own written ones.
 Actually dancing at the reception. Papa doesn't dance, I mean DOESN'T dance! But the granddaughters have his heart, and he joined in the fun. I think he shocked everyone there.
 Joy, Kendall and Kory while getting ready.
 He even managed to dance just with me...a sign of a really special celebration.
 Macy and Millie. These two got on famously.
 James kept wondering where he was and who all these strange people were!
 Treated to her own special 'bride' coffee while she had her hair done!
 This was the cake for Kory and Sam, and the cake deliverer.
 Ben and Macy manned the guest sign up table. Kory used a book of her engagement photos for the guest book. Cute idea.
 Bride and very proud grandparents.
 Ok, maybe my favorite photo of all time. 
Introducing Mr and Mrs Miller
At a family breakfast the next morning...We don't get one all together much anymore. It's always a treasure.