Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In Which I Post my Own Thank You

I'm back!! Well, at least a little back. I wanted to add a little something to what Julie already graciously posted.
I want to thank everyone for their prayers and cards. I received so many nice cards and get well wishes, it was hard NOT be encouraged.
I want to especially mention how nice it was to meet a few new friends, and thank Connie in Jacksonville for sending a card with encouraging words. She quoted I Peter 1:7 "These trials have come so that your faith, of greater worth than gold refined by fire, may prove genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed." What wonderful words to hold onto. Thanks for writing Connie!
And thanks to Brenda, a sister in Christ from the hills of West Virginia, for sending the cutest card ever! Yes Brenda, I do remember you fondly, and thank you for your encouraging words as well.
All of your prayers mattered, and several specific requests Julie wrote down have been answered. 1) I was and continue to be encouraged by others and by the tender mercies of our God. 2) I am growing stronger each day, healing and am back up on my feet, some. Not 24-7, but enough to help me begin the process of gaining strength again. 3) Many good things have come about as a result of this accident. I will talk more about them later. I have in mind a few posts to talk about what I am learning as a result of this injury and 'confinement'.
And finally, I loved Julie's photos of Bronwyn so much that I just had to post a couple taken of Julie at that same age. Sadly, I don't have one of her in that same shirt. (If only we could look down the path of life 30+ years to see that one day we would need one)
 This is Julie at 10 months, in her PJ's on our living room floor. The photo below is one that Julie just posted of Bronwyn. The shape of their faces are different (Bronwyn's is much rounder) but the hair and noses are the same, and the sweet smiles. Seeing the photos of Bronwyn just made me want to scoop her up into my arms as I did her mother.
And this is Julie at one year. Both happy, happy babies. We are so blessed.
As for the shirt Julie asked about, I found it in a store. It was specifically hers (not a hand-me-down) and that's why I passed it on to her. Aren't all babies 'hand-made by God'? These two surely were.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Thank You and an Update

Thank you for praying for Mom and for writing to her!  She has received so many cards and so much encouragement.  

Three weeks have passed now since her accident and surgery and she is coming along.  She is fully off of the pain medications and muscle relaxers that she was on and is very grateful for that. 

It will be quite some time before she regains the use of her limb.  She will begin physical therapy in another 3 weeks or so.  The doctor says she can expect to have full range of motion after a year.

I hope to be able to visit her within the next few weeks.  I believe your prayers have been effective and they are appreciated.

A Little Something Vintage

 Last week a few of my kids and I did a little exploring at Goodwill.  I don't go that often.  We hadn't been in quite some time.  My kids surprised me.  They are great at finding cool and useful things!  I just wandered among them seeing what they'd found and never even really browsed myself.  One of the fun things that Amelia came home with was this vintage puzzle.  Not only did we like the vintage flower prints, but the unique round shape of the puzzle and the box, as well as the quality and the price (99 cents). 
 Amelia's big brother William is a big fan of puzzles.  They actually picked this out together and plan to assemble it together. 
 I am a big fan of vintage things, especially when they involve flowers.  Isn't this iris pretty?
 Pansies, tulip & marigold?  It will be fun to see it all done.
 Vintage item number 2 is not my 9 month old.  But the little pink shirt she is wearing happens to be one that I myself wore when I was her size.
 She was doing a great job at giving me smiles, but since she can't sit up well without propping herself on her arms, I wasn't able to get a very good shot of the shirt.
The shirt says "Handmade by God" and has a hand print on it.  I thought she was pretty cute in it.  I wonder if Mom could tell me more about the origin of this shirt?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Accident Update

If you don't already know, Mom had an accident.  On Saturday night she took a good fall while trying to climb onto the back of her motorcycle!  She essentially crushed her left shoulder, dislocating the joint and breaking the bone below the joint.  The resulting trip to the hospital, surgery, and trauma has left her home trying to cope this week.  Currently, she's having difficulty keeping down food and pain medications.  Her body seems to be really reacting to the trauma.  I tell you this for several reasons:
She won't be back blogging for a while!
She needs your prayers.
If you think you could send her a note of encouragement, irregardless of how little she knows you, I think she could really use it.

Here's some things you could consider praying for: 1)that she would be encouraged 2)that my dad would be encouraged and maintain it as he cares for her 3)that she would heal and get back on her feet as soon as possible, 4)that they would both learn the lessons the Lord has for them in this and, 5) that many good things would result from this pain and difficulty.

If you want to send her a note, send me a brief email at and I'll reply with her address.  

In the meantime, I will be posting updates on this blog, worrying about my Mom and trying to find a way to come visit/help her.  I'm so thankful for her strong faith in the Lord and the way she has received it all with grace.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Love Old Kitchen Gadgets

 I noticed in our Sunday newspaper, about a week before the 4th of July, that the Parade insert had an interesting recipe for Mini-Pies. They were being touted as picnic food, as they are a hand-held dessert. I decided to try them out, and they came out delicious and handy as promised. I made one batch of apple pies and one of marionberry, as it is high berry season here in Oregon. They were a big hit.
You simply cut out small rounds of dough, and put a scoop of filling on the bottom round, then the directions said to cut a vent on the top round, place on the bottom one and seal with a fork. BUT, I have a wonderful little tool passed down from my Mom and Aunt Minnie that worked like a charm. The above little wheel with tines was made for sealing pie crusts. You just turn it on it's side and 'wheel' around the edge.
 On the other side is a decorative shape, made to push into the dough and form a vent for the steam to escape.
Nice pies, with nice sealed edges and a cute 'vent' on top. Now that's a handy tool!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Special Moments

 Piano Students after our Recital

 We hosted granddaughter Kendall and a friend (and her family) for a fast pitch softball tournament here....nice weather, good playing, and a picnic!

 Granddaughter Ashley's 21st birthday and baby shower. She's due any moment, and I can't wait to see photos of new little Bentley! Proud parents will be Ivan and Ashley Golovin.
Father's Day 2013
A week-end with Dad, age 92
 and son-in-law Peter with child #8, Bronwyn
 Such cute photos...
 Birthday #91 for Mom