Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nothing Like a Family Wedding Celebration

There's nothing like a family wedding! We looked forward to this one for several months in advance, and it was even better than anticipated. Our oldest granddaughter Kory married Samuel Miller on October 8th, in a beautiful country venue. We don't have the professional photos back, but here are some of my favorite random snapshots taken during the day (in no particular order).
 You may now kiss the bride....
 Granddaughters Amelia and Macy...
 A victory sign of 'it's finally done!'
 Julie, Papa and JoAnn
 Julie came all the way from West Virginia with Jameson (in her arms), Amelia and Benjamin. She is also carrying her 7th son, due in December.
 Joy, Kendall and Grammy...I love this one.
 Mom and daughter
 Snappy looking Benjamin and Neil.
 Posed by the nice
 Bride and Mom
 Very special sisters
 Kendall's dress was so pretty!
 Vows. They did the traditional ones, then each their own written ones.
 Actually dancing at the reception. Papa doesn't dance, I mean DOESN'T dance! But the granddaughters have his heart, and he joined in the fun. I think he shocked everyone there.
 Joy, Kendall and Kory while getting ready.
 He even managed to dance just with me...a sign of a really special celebration.
 Macy and Millie. These two got on famously.
 James kept wondering where he was and who all these strange people were!
 Treated to her own special 'bride' coffee while she had her hair done!
 This was the cake for Kory and Sam, and the cake deliverer.
 Ben and Macy manned the guest sign up table. Kory used a book of her engagement photos for the guest book. Cute idea.
 Bride and very proud grandparents.
 Ok, maybe my favorite photo of all time. 
Introducing Mr and Mrs Miller
At a family breakfast the next morning...We don't get one all together much anymore. It's always a treasure.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tea Time Anyone?

I have so many photos to show, that I hardly know where to begin! We have had so much family fun around here, with Julie, Ben, Amelia and Jameson's visit, and Kory's wedding. One day last week, the three of us girls decided to slip away to Redmond and a tea room there. We had been talking about going there for the last couple of years, and we finally made that happen!
It was a great time, great food and a great little shop.
Julie, Amelia and I all had smiling faces, and happy hearts.
Beautiful china always makes me happy...

We had two pots of tea, one was a pumpkin spice, and a cranberry scone each with clotted cream and lemon curd. Doesn't sound like it would be good together, but oh boy!! Then we each picked a dessert. Amelia picked a 'butterfly cupcake' shown above, perfect for 9-year-old girls.
I can never get enough lemon, so I picked a lemon torte...
and Julie picked a pumpkin spice cake. All were delicious!

Full and happy we enjoyed it to the last sip. Here's to you Millie : )

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Fun Time at the Harney County Fair

We have been spending a bit more time in Burns with my in-laws this summer, which has been fun. In September, we enjoyed attending the Harney County Fair and activities with them. Dad was a good sport and enjoyed everything right along with us. We got up early and went to an annual 'Cowbells Breakfast', which is what the ranch wives call themselves. Actually, the wives get to enjoy while the ranchers grill up steaks, eggs and pancakes for breakfast. A big crowd as usual.

We enjoyed the fair as usual, stopping for breaks every once in a while. We saw all the exhibits, a horse race or two, the 4-H animals and a couple of the shows. 
 And of course, we enjoyed some of the fair food. A treat to look forward to every year. The Harney County Paiute Indian Tribe has a booth where they cook up Indian taco's on Indian fry bread. Mom especially loves those.
And finally, a friend of Mom's contributed two items of hers to the fair, and she won a 2nd prize on both of them. This is a photo of Mom and a photo she took, that won a 2nd in the photography section. That was fun to have her entries there.

Harney County Fair is a fun place, with cowboys (big & little) everywhere, horse races and a great little rodeo, The weather was great also, not too hot and not too cold. o glad we could all be there.