Friday, August 12, 2016

I Usually Dislike August....

but not this year!! It's been such a pleasant mild summer, and even today (August 12th, my Dad's birthday) it's only 90 degrees at the peak of the day. Wonderful warm weather and clear blue skies. My kind of August! Here's a peak at what we've been doing:
First, an evening at the Deschutes County Fair. Normally the days at this Fair are abominably hot and uncomfortable. But not this summer. It was the coolest, most comfortable afternoon and evening ever. We had such a great date night.
 We enjoyed looking at all the exhibits. The first photo was the only quilt there that was hand quilted and it was beautiful. We took some photos of the crocheting entries for JoAnn who stayed home. The little bear above reminded me of one that my girls had when little.
 There were many beautiful doilies, but no blankets.

 I always enjoy the place settings, and really liked this one. It is for a Game Night dinner, and the plate, napkin (score sheet) and silverware are all on a scrabble board placed on a place mat. So cute. The menu is a Bingo card and placed in a puzzle as a stand. They used a plastic cup with dice in it, and a pencil for keeping score.There were scrabble letters that spelled the person's name out as a name tag, and it was all ingenious.
We love to see the photography, and although this doesn't do it justice, it was my favorite adult photo. The lights and reflections were outstanding.
 We splurged, and each got an ice cream cone. I asked for Salty Caramel, and the insurance man asked for a wild huckleberry. YUM.
 There was a full size pirate ship for one of the shows, so that's where we took our cones and enjoyed looking around.

We also attended a Bend Elks baseball game. Lots of fun, and again not too hot, even in the direct sun. We had hamburgers for dinner, and with a sweet green tea to wash it down it tasted mighty fine. We sang the 7th inning song along with everyone else and wondered why we haven't been going the last few years?
I think August is going to be a favorite this year.