Monday, September 29, 2014

A Treasure in Cascade, Idaho

On Labor Day, the insurance guy and I took a trip with my brother and sister-in-law to the McCall Idaho area. They usually fly in there, in their small plane, but they had discovered a treasure that they wanted to share with us, so we all drove in one vehicle. The treasure is called is in Cascade, Idaho.
A front porch like home greets you as you enter.
This is part of the lobby, and there are small sitting areas all around, complete with china tea cups and saucers. My eyes were huge as we entered and I saw all the beauty of this special place. It is full of wallpaper, and I am a huge fan! I thought wallpaper had all gone away in favor of paint, but it has all gone here (big smile!) Another special feature of the lobby is soft music playing 24-7, basically instrumental hymns and classical string quartet music.
This staircase right out of a fairytale leads you upstairs to their three floors of rooms. Our room had been reserved and was on the 3rd floor.
This loveseat was out in the hallway across from the alcove where our room door was located.
Room address outside each door...
4-poster beds in each room, gas fireplaces with a mantel, small desk, bay window alcove with another loveseat....
and white wicker table with tray for late night snacks? and did I mention the beautiful wallpaper?
 The bathroom was another huge room, complete with white shuttered windows, a jetted spa bathtub, and this cute sink.
The next morning we came down the staircase for breakfast, which was in this special breakfast room. You can only see the one bay window table here, but it is a huge room with lots of seating and food all around 2 sides of it. They have homemade biscuits and sausage gravy, homemade cheese and egg casseroles and lots of other fruit and cereal and pastry choices. It was delightful.
 Outside there is a large deck where you can eat when the weather co-operates. In our case we opted for this window seat as it had rained all during the night. They also have a lovely white gazebo, of course, with seating, and complete with a small waterfall.

 In the evenings they serve fresh baked cookies with coffee or milk for a bedtime snack. Wow! This is my cup of tea! There is lots more I could say about this treasure, along with the rates are just great, but that's enough for a tantalizing bit. If you're ever in the area...