Monday, July 18, 2011

A Tale of Two Friends

In the fall of 1969, two friends left Seattle for college. Jennie chose Judson Baptist College and her friend Martha chose Multnomah Bible School, just a few blocks from each other in Portland, Oregon. In the due course of time both friends met their future husbands, and planned their weddings, Jennie to John and Martha to Dan. The weddings turned out to be just three weeks apart, in the summer of 1971. Martha and Dan traveled to Portland, so Martha could be in Jennie's wedding.

Jennie & John's wedding was in the chapel on the campus of Judson. The colors were lavender and purple, and Martha was a lovely bridesmaid.

Three weeks later, Martha married Dan in Arlington, Washington and her colors were summer colors.

Newlyweds John & Jennie traveled to the wedding so Jennie could be a bridesmaid in lavender.

Now, 40 years later....Jennie is still married happily to John, living in Oregon....and Martha happily to Dan, living in Washington. And of course, still friends.


Peter Jones said...

That's the greatest. I can't get enough of the old photos. I love this tale. :) You're both so beautiful.


Lora said...

I love the old photos too!! And congrats on 40 years together!