Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Wonderful Visit

Well, the dust has settled once again and Julie and her girls are back home in West Virginia. We found we just couldn't squeeze another minute into our days to post pictures, so we decided to wait until the visit was over. Here is a sampling of all the fun we had:
Having friends over for a visit. Here is our friend Carrie and her two girls, Maya and Audrey, with Cecily and Amelia, and popsicles of course.
 Coloring and Drawing, with a new coloring pad of pictures and new markers!

Attending a soccer game with the family, and doing cartwheels and somersaults on the field grass.

Cutting out and playing with paper dolls.

Having a tea party with Aunt JoAnn.
Having cousin Macy and Aunt Joy come to visit.

Amelia and Macy were our 'Gap Kids'
Getting dressed up and going to church as cousins
Picking dahlias in Grammie's yard.
Enjoying the beautiful weather and garden, and having Julie home.
Happiness is having a flower in your hair!
Having great grandma and grandpa over to visit.
Taking a generational photo. Grandma's hand is top right, then counter clockwise is my hand, then Julie's, then Amelia's and then Cecily's. (At 11 months we just couldn't get Bronwyn to agree to keep her hand in our photo.)
Going to visit friends. This was taken while visiting with our friend Kathy on her lovely porch.

Going to visit the insurance man at his office
And....having our family all together again!

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Brenda Bolyard said...

What delightful memories Amelia and Cecily will always have of this special visit to their Mommy's homeplace! Little Bronwyn will have the photos to jog her memory of this extra-special visit -- although one never knows!