Saturday, March 8, 2014

Looking Forward To Spring

 Snow is still on the ground, but I have a bit of spring in my house!  My husband brought these two little pots home the day before my birthday, March 1st.  I couldn't believe how perfect they were, just what our table was needing as a little promise of spring ahead.
 The white hyacinth is so fragrant too.  What a treat.

And I must show you my table runner, while I'm at it.  After Valentine's day I pondered what I should put in the center of the table next.  Since spring was coming and my birthday was close and blue is my favorite color, I decided that something blue would be nice.  It seemed like the perfect time to get out this crocheted table runner that my sister, JoAnn, made for me.  I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed it on my table the last few weeks.  Family love, favorite color and hope of spring makes for much cheer in my heart!  Having the kind of year where my head is clear enough to even think about creating atmosphere is a reason for much cheer as well!

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Anonymous said...

Looks VERY pretty, my dear sister. :)