Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Recital Song

Here is Samuel, in his work clothes, with curriculum piled on top of the piano, playing his piano recital piece for me.  :)  Especially for Grandma.


Lora said...

Oh I love it Julie. Your boy is so grown up!

Jennie and Julie said...

Oh, that was LOVELY!! This Grammie loved it as well. It was so nice to see him play the piece, and I especially loved the smile at the end : )
As I am busy getting my kiddos ready for recital, it was nice to see someone all prepared and done with the work, just playing for enjoyment.
GREAT job Sam! Love you!!

JoAnn Asmussen said...

Hey Sam, I played that same song at a piano recital of my own, many years ago! How fun to hear you play it! :)