Thursday, November 6, 2014

November Flower Blessings

 I planted this Helleborus or Lenten Rose last spring to have a growing cycle before blooming spring 2015. To my surprise, as I was raking leaves, I came across all these beautiful blooms just peeking out through the dead leaves. After pushing the leaves away, I have a beautiful plant to enjoy in November. Even as the foliage is dying, the blooms are breaking forth. It's been an amazing autumn for us, the longest and brightest in recent memory. I have a number of plants still blooming, as of today November the 6th.  
Reluctantly, I cut this beautiful double hollyhock down as I was doing my fall clean-up yesterday. You have to understand, we usually get our first frost about the 3rd week-end of August. So all this flower goodness in November is just incredible. I for one am loving it!
*Next post I will finish up Julie's trip to Oregon

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JoAnn Asmussen said...

Very nice to have such a warm Autumn, and what pretty flowers! :)