Thursday, March 19, 2015

For The Time Being...

The Ever Now

For the time being...this space between...he's old and he's in the hospital.
He's not the four year old, with a new baby sister on his knee, or the eight year old being carried on his dad's shoulders across the newly completed Longview Bridge. He's not the high school and college basketball star, or the 'shined up till it hurts' WWII soldier, with his back straight and head held high.
He's hurting so much he can't hold still.
He's not the young, handsome lover and groom with pride radiating as he gazes upon his bride. He's not the proud father of a brand new son.
But a man between hospital bed bars, watching others move about.
He's not the grief stricken father, burying his first born, and attempting to comfort that same bride beside him. He is no longer the dad, playing ball with his two sons, or teaching them to ride bikes or approach girls. He's not the man who could spot an arrowhead on the desert floor, or fly an airplane through a snow storm.
He is now the 93 year old, sick to his stomach, loopy from pain meds, and wanting that same bride of now 70 years to hold his hand.
For the time being, he's broken and hurting. But we see and know so much more.

Get well soon Dad!
March 19, 2015


JoAnn Asmussen said...

This is the best thing you have EVER written.

Connie Crenshaw said...

In this same season with my own dad.
Thank you.

Peter Jones said...

Really cool, Mom. This is very different for you, but I love how you took this moment in time and turned it into a meditative one and poetic one. Lovely. ~Julie