Monday, April 13, 2015

Lovely Seattle

I had a fun trip to Seattle recently, along with my sister-in-law Peggy. On the way, we stopped for a quick breakfast with my granddaughter Kory, who is about to finish up her junior year in college. Always so good to see her : )  Then we drove to my daughter Joy's house for the night. We picked up granddaughter Macy after school, and visited their local lilac gardens. The lilacs weren't quite out yet, but the camellias were blooming abundantly. Macy picked up armloads from the ground, and wanted to take them home and put them all in glass bowls. We decided that her mom would probably appreciate her floating them in the bathtub instead, and they did make a pretty sight.
 That night Joy's stepson Nick, wife Krystal and new baby Rylee came by for a visit, so we could meet Rylee.
 What a beautiful baby!!
 We met up for lunch with a high school dear friend, and another day met our nephew Luke for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant. Our first...and very nice. After reading the book, 'On the Corner of bitter and Sweet', I wanted to find the Panama Hotel and see the history related there to the old Japanese section in Seattle. VERY interesting, and the tea was good too.
The main reason for making the trip was to see and visit with my brother Joe. We spent one whole day with Joe and niece Laura just looking around at all the fun places in Seattle we visited and connected with growing up. Great fun, and absolutely fantastic weather. Spring had sprung in Seattle, and it is such a beautiful city. Here we are on Magnolia Hill, with Peggy, Joe and Laura, enjoying the gorgeous views.
 We also got to visit with my other niece Emily and her adorable son Aiden. We packed a lot into the visit I think, and had lots of fun doing it. Hooray for family!

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