Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The One Season We Normally Don't See

Spring is here in Central Oregon....early! It started in February and has just kept coming. This may not seem unduly unusual to many in our country, but here we normally don't have a spring. We somehow get from winter to summer about the middle of June, with a few hard freezes yet to come. They say it's because of our proximity to the Cascade Mountain range. But this year things got changed up. We have continually seen beautiful weather and flowers. Flowers that have not poked up their heads just to freeze, but to grow and bloom. It's been a beautiful daffodil season, with longs weeks of blooms, and I still have a few later bloomers out there. We even had a beautiful Easter with flowers and outdoor egg hunting. Such abundance we are appreciating.
 On a nice Sabbath Sunday, we had our first hamburger cookout and ate on our deck in April. Pretty much unheard of in our 31 years here in Bend. I love weather that changes, and continually surprises. We have been in drought weather through the winter, but the last two weeks have gone a long ways towards helping that. April showers are showing up in May and I love the misty, moisty mornings of my youth. Great for gardening.
My ever faithful blooming crabapple trees are a delight to my soul. Hope you are enjoying Spring as well, wherever you live.

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