Thursday, October 15, 2015

Beauty in Resting

The insurance man and I recently returned from a California vacation. We decided to follow highway 49 on the middle-eastern side of the state, down through Gold Rush country.
This route took us through many small old towns, that once were boom towns from 1849 to approx. early 1900's. The town of Sutter Creek is in the Sierra Nevada foothills, and very cute and tourist worthy. There were a lot of vineyards in the foothills, and we wound all through the area until reaching the small town of Angel's Camp which is where our timeshare was located, as well as a major gold mining museum.
We made different excursions during the mornings, as the afternoons were HOT. We visited Columbia, which is a California State Park as well as a restored gold rush town.
Lots of restored buildings and shops.
This was the post office and Wells Fargo office as well.
This is the Columbia Hotel and where we ate a delicious lunch. (One of the only places in town with air conditioning.)
They have a wonderfully restored 2-story brick schoolhouse, and it looks like it is perpetually waiting for the students to arrive.
There were also a lot of wonderful old buildings and houses that have miraculously escaped fires over the years.

One day we drove south, and spent the day in Yosemite sightseeing. 
What a wonderful park, and what amazing rock and land formations. We enjoyed it so much.
This is the famous 'half-dome' and it is an immense part of the granite in Yosemite.
We saw the effects of the 4 year drought everywhere we went, and it was very evident in the lack of water in Yosemite. This is Yosemite Falls, and although it's often reduced in autumn, this was heart-breaking.
This was the view as we entered the park. What amazing beauty and power.
We also took a day, and visited the Big Trees National Park. We had not realized that sequoia's grew inland as well as along the coast. There is a large grove here, and although they are stressed from the lack of water, they do look healthy.
This was once a great tree, but after discovery men cut it down to ship around the world as an exhibit. Now it remains a famous artifact.
Such amazing size and it does make one feel rather insignificant. I'm glad God sees our insignificance ("What is man that Thou art mindful of him?") and loves us each.
A napping squirrel, tired from all his harvest activity.
We enjoyed this park, and the peace of the forest and the big trees. It was great to be off grid, and off schedule and able to do just what and when we wanted. We are blessed.





Kathy Poncy said...

One of my favorite areas to visit too. So much history and beauty to see. Never get tired of it. Yosemite is awesome. I always thought I would like to visit each of our National Parks. Maybe someday... Another great post Jennie. Thank you.

Peter Jones said...

I like the picture of the squirrel ,papa by the tree and you in the arch
thank you Grammy
Benjamin Jones.

Peter Jones said...

I liked the pictures of the restored buildings in Columbia. I liked all the others too, of course. This made it seem like you got to do and see a nice variety of things. Looks interesting, but I know that the trip meant more than just the sights. As you said, you got a break from the structure and demands of home. I'm glad for that. Thanks for sharing your vacation. All of my kids enjoyed getting to see it because you posted it.

Love, Julie