Monday, May 30, 2016

Loving Memorial Day Week-end

 Memorial Day week-end always seems to include a visit to the cemetery where my parents lie until the resurrection day. (Click on these two photos to enlarge for the best effect.)
We had a beautiful day yesterday, and the military section is always beautiful in it's own way, with flags flying. They must have a thousand flags up and include flags from each branch of the military, as well as tiny flags on each veterans grave, including my Dad's. Inspiring to think how many men have faithfully and honorably served.
 This spring has been a good one in Central Oregon. I got my very first bouquet of Lilly of the Valley and was just thrilled with their sweet, subtle scent. Now we are onto peonies, iris's and the first wild roses.
Another thing we always do is stay home and do projects. This week-end included some gardening, 2 dinners together with family, and a big project for the insurance man. He has started building an outdoor storage shed, and I'll post some photos as he goes along.

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Peter Jones said...

Thanks for the pictures! Wish I could visit their graves also. I love the Lily of the Valley!! I talked to Will about planting some under some trees over here. :-)
And yes, we want pictures of shed project! We were sorting thinking of that yesterday. We want to see it come together!