Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ben, this one is for you!

Last week-end we had a wonderful blessing. We made a trip to the Oregon Coast with some of the last remaining members of  my family. We rented a house in south Lincoln City for four couples. This was the beautiful view from the deck of the house. 
We rested, we visited, we remembered (a lot!), we worked on a jigsaw puzzle, we read, we ate (a lot!), we took pictures, we played a crazy funny game, and we loved each other.
Left is brother Joe and wife Cathy, right is cousin Beckie and husband Tim,
cousin Bill and wife Sandy (Beckie's brother) 

and us of course!
We all brought food, and teams were in the kitchen fixing up some great meals.
We had a great long table that accommodated all of us with a beautiful view besides.
Some watched the Daytona 500 on TV...
While others had political conversations.
We watched the ocean almost non-stop. Big waves this time of year, but no whale watching yet. Still in Mexican waters I hear. Lots of fishing boats out, and even some paddle boarders in wet suits. It was sunny mostly, but very chilly. We did wrap up in coats and blankets and sat in these chairs in the bit of weak sun we got. We also climbed down the cliff (95 steps) and a rusted metal ladder at the bottom to walk on the beach and revel in it.It was great!!

My brother and I, and our cousins Bill and Beckie grew up together like siblings almost. But as life does, we got busy in work and families and have not had extended time like this together in our adult lives. I can't say enough what a blessing it was to me. We talked about our parents (now gone) and their large family now almost all gone. What a great family we had to grow up in, and our family get-together's were wonderful. Lots of Aunts, Uncles, and cousins to enjoy. Our memories are sweet for the most part, and very precious as we enter the senior phase of our own lives. 
We were blessed with a full rainbow ending in the ocean right in front of us. WOW! God's pleasure and promise to those who walk with Him. 
I only hope we will get the chance to do this again sometime soon!

** As my grandchildren grow up and leave home I hope they will remember to get together to share their own memories of growing up and family!

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Peter Jones said...

thanks for the blog gram we love to read them and some of us check ever day of the week to see if you put a new one on :).

Thanks Benjamin Jones

ps. say hi to the aunt at your house (sorry i don't know how to spell it) :)