Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tarte Tatin

I tried this recipe because it looked fun and different. First, the apple quarters are carmelized in a skillet in melted butter and sugar. I thought they were so pretty all lined up in there.

I turned the apples once to cook the other side...

I took out my rolled out dough that was waiting in the fridge and placed it on top, tucking in the edges.

The second cooking step is 25 minutes of baking in the oven.

After 20 minutes of cooling, I inverted the whole thing onto a plate and my family was dazzled by the beautiful dessert we enjoyed last night. I love it when food is tasty AND pretty!


Jennie said...

Wow! That was fun, pretty and I'm betting tasty! What a nice pretty way to present a finished product, and each step along the way. Great job... I love it.

Monica said...

This dessert looks very good!! Where did you find the recipe? And obviously, I found my way to your blog. It looks like it will be fun checking out all of your entries. Thanks.

Peter Jones said...

My mom found your blog this morning and really enjoyed it. We'll look forward to reading your entries too! The recipe for Tarte Tatin came from the Cooks Illustrated cookbook called "The New Best Recipe." I'll post the recipe.

Joy said...

Julie, This looks so good and pretty easy! Your picutres could be in a cookbook :)