Friday, August 21, 2009


Julie: The last day with mom and Kory, I drove them to Pittsburgh and we did a little sightseeing before getting a hotel room for some rest before their flight home. Peter stayed home with the boys and I just took my girls, so it ended up being a bit of a girls night. After a long period of sitting in evening traffic and several wrong turns resulting in more waiting, we finally made it to Station Square and found a Chinese Restaurant to feed our starving selves.Julie: This is Millie with...can you guess?

Julie: A take-home container that the waitress turned into a "sippy-cup" and added a crepe paper decoration. Very creative and very appreciated.

Julie: Millie got to sit right between Kory and mom. She loved all the time and attention.
Jennie: and Grammy loved giving it to her!

Jennie: The food was delicious...Julie and I ordered Thai food, and mine was just a bit on the spicy side. Julie really enjoyed hers...
Julie: The Chinese Restaurant was in the old train station at Station Square. In another part of the station we found a play area for kids.

Julie: Grammy is getting in her last minutes with her granddaughters.

Julie: There is an outdoor courtyard on the river's edge at Station Square. There was a fountain show going on when we got there.

Julie: Some downtown buildings seen through the spray.

Julie: Watching the fountains.

Julie: There is a bessemer used for steel production, which Pittsburgh is famous for, on display on the other side of the fountain.

Julie: The funniest part is that regardless of the many people gathered to watch the fountain show, mom was thrilled over the Beach Boys music that was playing and was singing along and dancing with Millie. :)

Jennie: It was SO much fun...they didn't just play one Beach Boys song, but a whole concert of them. Millie and I had a great time dancing, but Kory declined (can't imagine why?) I think she did sing along though.

Julie: After Station Square we went over to the historic incline that transports people up and down Mt. Washington.
Jennie: This was something we had wanted to do ever since Julie and Peter moved to Pennsylvania. Now, many years later, we finally had the chance.
Julie: The sun was going down and we were getting ready to go up.
Jennie: It was the perfect time of day, with the light just right.
Julie: Green light above the door means we can board.

Julie: Looking up the track as I was boarding.
Jennie: It was a little nerve racking looking up that rickety looking track...I wasn't at all sure they knew what they were doing. The incline is over 100 years old, and I'm sure they have testing done on it all the time, but still?
Julie: Inside the trolley car.

Julie: A picture of Point State Park out the window of the car.
Jennie: I feel compelled to give a spot of history here...this is where Pittsburgh started, right here at the point. George Washington was stationed at Fort Pitt here on the point, early in his military career. It is called the point because it is the meeting place of three rivers...the Allegheny, the Monongahela (the kids call it the 'Mona', and the Ohio. It is the confluence of the Allegheny and Mona (the two you see in the photo) that form the Ohio River, and it continues flowing north-westerly on from here.

Julie: A full downtown Pittsburgh shot from the observation deck at the station at the top of the incline.
Jennie: Isn't the light wonderful? You can even see the rivers better in this shot. The lights were just beginning to come on in the buildings...and we stayed here a long time enjoying the view.

Julie: The incline descending below us.
Jennie: It was interesting to see how the cars stuck out from the track horizontally...attached at the rear.
Julie: Miss Amelia's view of the city.

Julie: Kory is enjoying the scene.
Jennie: I really like this picture, as it just about sums up our entire trip. All just wonderful!
Julie: Amelia is watching the giant gears that make the incline work and Kory is surveying a map of Pittsburgh.

Jennie: I wish we had gotten some photos of the inside of the station. It was all original wood, even the little ticket booth. A really great and fun place to visit. Julie said that she will be taking first time visitors here to the incline for sure.
Julie: Ah. We were so tired. Here's Millie on the window seat of the hotel room.

Julie: Saying goodbye to Kory.
Jennie: We knew we would be up before Julie and the girls, so we said good-bye before going to sleep. Saying good-bye is always the hardest part.

Jennie: Thank you Julie for being such a wonderful daughter, aunt and world's best hostess.

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