Friday, August 28, 2009

Family Camp

We recently got back from taking our older granddaughters to our Church Family Camp. Our Church rents a boy scout camp up at Crescent Lake, which is fairly high in the Cascade Mountains, and we spent most of five days there. It was beautiful but we experienced some frosty nights, so were glad for our trailer and it's heater. Kory worked on the 'A' team...which is a group of teens that serve our meals, clean up and do the dishes and even clean the bathrooms for us. She did a great job and even did it with a smile!
We had a few 'granddaughter hugs' along the way...and you can see the beauty of the lake and trees in this photo.

Kory and her friends also enjoyed some free time and had fun on a boat and 'hot dog', at the lake.
The insurance man looks for artifacts wherever he goes and found a couple at the lake's edge. This is especially to show Sam, Will, Ben and Cal.
Kendall stayed with us in our trailer. Kory tented it with two other girls, and piled on the blankets. The camp leaders brought their two springer spaniel pups, and Kendall and Alex enjoyed them. Kendall is holding 'Sadie'.

Kendall spent a lot of her time riding my bike, all around the trails and camp.
The rest of her time she played board games...and always found someone willing to play a game.

Just before leaving we took a family photo of some tired, dirty, happy campers!


Peter Jones said...

The boys thought the arrowheads were really neat. Thanks for posting the pictures. It makes me just a little sad realizing we're back to posting things that we didn't do together. :( It will be a long while again until we have pictures of things together.
Dad looks great. Sure do long to see him. I'm so glad that you had that week with the girls.

Laffing Dawg said...

Insurance Man are you for hire? Nice work, John. It is fun to paint on the canvas of your yard. Enjoy and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.