Thursday, April 29, 2010

People and flowers..a great combination

Here are the photos we took of us...while touring the gardens. This is my oldest daughter Joy and I...
and Joy's youngest daughter Macy Hope. She enjoyed picking up the fallen blooms!
Joy's oldest daughter Kory, and her friend Travis that we brought with us from Bend for a visit. He graciously put up with all the photos and flower gardens: )

Our friend Doris also went with us, so here we are at the Rhododendron Garden.

There is a beautiful tulip farm just outside Woodland...which is prettier the daughter or the tulips? I think she needs to be on their catalog.
Joy and Doris enjoying the tulips.
A fair bloom among the fair blooms...we loved those tulips!
Doris at the Lilac Garden in Woodland...

and a pensive photo for Kory with all those fresh young green leaves.

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Peter Jones said...

Wow! Those are some GREAT pictures! Joy looks beautiful. Yes, people and flowers really compliment each other!