Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Beautiful Chair

Among the things I inherited from my Aunt Minnie was this very stylish chair. It's been painted over a myriad of times, and is currently a very light green.For a wooden chair, isn't it amazing how very detailed it is...and the design is lovely. I have no idea who made this chair, but my earliest memory of it was as the 'telephone' chair. It sat in a corner of the back hall at Aunt Minnie's house, below a wall hung 'crank' telephone. It boasted a rather flat red and white gingham seat cushion tied on to the side supports. Sitting down on this chair was as far as you could go while having a telephone conversation, as far as the receiver/handle would reach. It boggles the mind to think how far phones have come in the last 55 you can talk virtually anywhere.

What creativity someone showed in woodworking! 'Things' do not make a home, but it IS lovely to inherit beautiful, cherished objects and enjoy them every day in our own homes. The objects that are attached to good memories for us are especially meaningful.

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Peter Jones said...

It's a BEAUTIFUL chair! I loved hearing your memories about it.
Julie :)