Monday, November 8, 2010

High Desert roaming

Several weeks ago, when we were in Burns, we spent Saturday out in the High Desert. We drove to the old Hurlburt ranch, and with permission spent the morning poking around and looking at things. The house was abandoned many years ago due to flooding high waters. There are natural springs all around the house, and large ponds of water even now. This is how the house looks now. We explored all around and in the house. It was sad, as there was evidence of a hasty departure where some things were just left. The pack rats had made a nice mess of things inside. But we could see how it was once a nice home for the family.
This is the old entrance into their 'yard'.

There were a lot of out buildings on the property to explore, but we left everything just the way we found it.
This outbuilding was just Mom's size.

To the right of the house was a very old tree, that was still beautiful although many limbs had grown too heavy and broken, or had been struck by lightening during a storm. They were wreaking havoc with the roof of the house.

Here is the base of the tree, pretty large for the desert!

An old abandoned tractor out front, and Mom tried it out. It hasn't moved in a very long while.

After we finished our exploring, we had a tailgate lunch that Mom had packed. Things always taste so good out of doors! Next post, I'll tell about our afternoon adventures.

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Anonymous said...

What a great view of our desert and all there is to do and see there. It so reminded me of my days of roaming and finding old homesteads. Spending time out in that area around Burns and French Glen. Way too much fun. I would think that seeing it with your parents and hearing their stories would be just wonderful.

Thanks for taking us along.