Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beauty in Football??

What a thrill this week to find our mighty Oregon Ducks finally #1 in the polls. It is so much fun this year to watch them play, and have a REALLY good team to cheer for.
I am normally a Washington Huskies fan (and still am) and have enjoyed watching Jake Locker, although wishing he had a better team to back him up. But this year, another favorite team is winning big time, and I am enjoying every minute of it! My grandson Samuel even sent us a wonderful picture he drew for us of Oregon playing the Texas Longhorns.
This enjoyment of football started very early for me. Now you could say that the above football was strategically placed for the photo (by my Dad?).... but the photo below is of me with my two cousins Tom and Bill the next summer.

Now just who is playing with the football? The two boys don't seem much interested in it. Proof positive, it is the game for me. My Dad only wished I had turned out to be a boy, so I could actually play the game. Instead I grew up going to Huskie Stadium with him, as he taught me the game and it was something we could enjoy together.
Now the insurance man and I have enjoyed football season together for almost 40 years. But I think this may be among the most memorable. GO DUCKS!

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