Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crowning a Princess

Every small town in America has it's own special summer festival it seems. In Woodland, Washington it is called 'Planters Days', and happens on the third weekend of June. There is a huge vintage car rally, a parade, various water shows on Horseshoe Lake, a carnival, lots of fast food, vendors and booths with miscellany to sell, and a Planters Day Queen and court to reign over all the mayhem and fun. The three princesses that will vie for the title of Queen were just chosen by a panel of judges. I am proudly posting today, that our granddaughter was chosen as one of these three, and here she is.....Princess Kory (don't most girls want that title once in their life?) To make it all the more special, this is something that Kory has wanted to do, and worked hard for. We couldn't be more proud of her.

Her mom took these photos from the back of the room, so they don't show up as well as they could, but there is definite surprise and pleasure on Kory's face as the tiara was placed on her head.

There will be several more months of hard work before the Queen will be chosen, but either way Kory will have a really fun spring and summer participating in the Planters Days court. We're going to have some fun too, watching it all.

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