Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine Dinner

Before the big snow storm hit, there was a lovely Valentine dinner. We did two things that made it special this year. For the second year in a row, we ordered a special dinner from a caterer, called Tate & Tate Catering, that the insurance man knows. This is such a great alternative to going out. We set up a small table for two in front of our fireplace. Here is the menu we chose:
  • Moroccan Chicken Skewers, curry noodle and vegetables with a yogurt dipping sauce for the appetizer.
  • Warm and creamy chicken rice soup
  • Spring greens salad with green goddess dressing
  • A large loaf of homemade wheat bread
  • For me, maple glazed salmon with rice pilaf, and for the insurance man, tri-tip steak with roasted red potatoes, and five! veggies on each plate, including a yellow-orange beet that had me fooled.
  • Two desserts: Heavenly chocolate cake, and apple cobbler with cinnamon whipped topping
  • Huge chocolate dipped strawberries, in both white and milk chocolate.

Doesn't that sound delicious? It was! All of that for two, was only $34. There was a choice of 6 different main dishes. We picked it up and heated it, and supplied a bottle of sparkling cider to go with. We took several hours, doing various things in-between courses, which was so much nicer than a restaurant.

The other thing we did which was lots of fun, was to go through all the Valentines we have given each other through the years. This year marks #40 for us, so we each had quite a stack. Instead of buying another one, we had lots of laughs at all the memories they brought back.

At dessert time, we made a pot of tea, and split each dessert into two and shared. Quite a lovely Valentine evening.


Peter Jones said...

My, oh my! That's looks like it was special. What a great commemoration...of love!

Monica said...

What a wonderful idea!

R.B. Riddle said...

What a lovely valentine treat!