Tuesday, May 10, 2011


These were in full bloom on Mother's Day. It made the day extra lovely.

It made me think of my mom who especially loves a purple iris. :)

Here's a lonely peach one down on the end. They're amazing. I peep out the door to see them often. They don't last long.


Anonymous said...

Your iris' are way ahead of ours. Mine are just buds right now. Maybe warmer weather soon will make them open up. Have a lovely week.

Jennie and Julie said...

Thanks! I LOVE these photos! The peach iris with the creeping phlox below it (groundcover) is really a nice photo. What a blessing to have a flower garden along the front of the house. Really beautifies everything. No wonder God put man in a garden first! Love, Mom

Monica said...

It is nice to see that spring is arriving at your house. Our iris are nowhere even near to blooming yet. Yours are beautiful -- thanks for sharing :)