Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring at Our House

'Our house' refers to me, Jennie, and the insurance man. Summer has sprung at Julie's house, as she reported 80 degrees yesterday, with the humidity having moved in. Here, Spring is just beginning to take hold, and it has been a late, wet time. But the gardens are slowly coming around, and the birds are out. Today I watched the birds having breakfast on the crabapple trees in front, including one glorious goldfinch. The wet weather has made for happy robins, foraging in the grass and damp dirt. It has also been a busy time, with deep cleaning both the house and yard. We did take a little time out to celebrate Mothers Day though. The insurance man and our daughter JoAnn sang in two concerts over the week-end with the Bend Master Singers. My mother and father-in-law came to celebrate Mom's birthday as well as Mothers Day, and our friend Doris was with us. On Saturday evening, after a good meal, we snapped a few photos on our way to the concert. Our two singers....

The insurance man does clean up nicely in his tux! And Mom looks so nice in a corsage for the evening.

We had such a good time with Mom & Dad visiting.

And even Doris got dressed up for the occasion. She is wearing a very special coat from Germany, made of cashmere and wool. The nice pot of violas made a cheery show for Mothers Day, then made a nice dessert for the deer that night. Ah well, nature will have it's way.

Happy Spring to you!

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