Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Few More Favorite Photos

I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from last week-end, before time moves on. It was such a fun week-end. Thursday evening was nice but cool, for the crowning ceremony and the start of Planters Day week-end. Kirk was entertaining Macy while we were waiting for things to start.
We all loved taking photos of and with Kory.
Friday was a really nice day, and the insurance man and I spent the day watching and playing and swimming with Macy.
Saturday we woke up to pouring rain, and the big parade down main street. Kory joked that it literally was 'raining on her parade'. The princesses were forced inside one of the cars to stay dry...but it looks like they were having fun anyway!

Princesses Kory and Courtney

Here's what it looked like for the rest of us, along the parade route. Sweatshirts and umbrellas were the order of the day.

This is Kirk, Joy and Macy. LOTS of candy was thrown, as well as packets of flower seeds, small frisbees, and packs of doughnut holes. Macy had fun picking it all up.

After the parade....

Kory, with her boyfriend Sam, trying to stay dry.

In the afternoon there were 'Bed Races'. The beds were on wheels, and four people pushed while one is on the bed in Pj's. At one point in the race Kory changed places with Courtney and put on the Pj's, then changed again on the way back. A little daunting in the rain.

Kory literally ran right out of her shoes, so ran most of the race barefoot : )

Sunday the weather was some better and a lot dryer! Macy can still fit on Papa's shoulders!

We took a few more photos out back of the house before heading down to the classic car show on Sunday.

Kory tried her hand at singing....a solo! We were all surprised how good she was, and how brave she was!

Then she helped Macy sing 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' for the audience. Macy knows no fear!

All in all it was a great time, celebrating with Princess Kory! We are all blessed.

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