Friday, June 17, 2011

Princess Kory

We are in Woodland, Washington for Planters Day weekend, and our granddaughter Kory is one of three princesses on the royal court. Here is the family gathered together at Horseshoe Lake, before the crowning ceremony last night.
The princesses arrived in a horse-drawn carriage, and Kory was SO exited!

She had both her Dads walk her to the Gazebo, and they were very proud Dads.

Each princess was introduced to the crowd...and this was Kory's turn.

Kory's friend Jessica, above, was actually crowned the Queen a few minutes later. Jessica sold the most tickets for the raffle (by a lot) which broke the existing record, which is the criteria for being Queen. She is a very sweet Christian girl, and we were exited for her. But Kory was and is an exceptional princess!

Kory, with little sister Macy. Macy wants to grow up to be a princess just like Kory!

A final photo of Princess Kory, with her beautiful dress and I'm glad to say that Kory is as beautiful inside as on the outside. (A proud Grammy talking...)

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Peter Jones said...

She's SO beautiful! Thank you so much for puting these pictures on today. I was anxious to see and be a part. I love her. :) Have a great week-end.