Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Best For Last

I've been putting off this blog post long enough...so today is the day. The reason I have put it off consists of trying to choose which photos to include that would show even a little of the beauty that is Bryce. This was the last canyon we visited, and to my way of thinking, the best. I visited all these canyons as a child and Bryce was my favorite then. I was anxious to come back and see if it would still be my favorite, and joyfully it was. However, the depth of my appreciation of the other canyons had greatly increased. They are all marvelous, jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring. But still, Bryce is unique, and mystical and blossoming with the creativity of the Creator. These 56 acres were designated a National Park in 1928.

 I am going to include here some description I found on the Internet of these formations that says it so much better than I could.
"Colorful sandstone, limestone and mud stone has been shaped by erosion into a fantastical array of spires, fins and pinnacles known as 'hoodoos'. The canyon is a gorgeous chasm of lace and filigree work in stone, colored with the white of frost and the pinks of glowing embers.To those who have not forgotten the storybooks of childhood, it suggests a playground for fairies. Surrounded by the beauty of Utah and the panoramic views of three states, these hoodoos cast their spell on all who visit."

It certainly has cast a spell on me. I could have spent an entire week in just one spot I think. I have never stood in such a place that touched me as deeply.
Bryce is mainly one large bowl filled with hoodoos, as opposed to a long winding canyon with a river running through it. There are walking/hiking paths all along the rim, and down and through the hoodoos.

 The colors are beyond description, and almost beyond imagination.

There were lots of erosion holes to see through, and with each step the light would change and illuminate tips and spires behind. We walked and walked and walked. We studied some of the history of the place, and took pictures, and laughed and pointed and sat and absorbed and in general had the most wonderful time.

 There were lots of people, and everyone was helping everyone else take photos of themselves with the canyon. What a view!

A peek-a-boo view that showcases the stunning colors and shapes.

 Layers of beauty and fantastical shapes. The day this National Park opened the President came for the ceremonies. As his car drove up to the entrance they found long streamers across the opening held by little girls dressed as fairies, and 'fairies' dancing all around. As the streamers were cut the words were proclaimed "Welcome to Fairy Land!"

 As was said in the above description, many of the shapes resemble people, animals, objects and even famous sites. The insurance guy and I had much fun pointing out to each other all the things and shapes we named or recognized. Above is a family shown through a heart.

This one we called the Grammy with her grandchildren.
 Some fall color to add to the scene....at evening.
and a mountain bluebird.

 The following morning we got there at sunrise and took the Queen's Garden hike down to the bottom. Good thing the path went from side to side!
 As the morning sun struck the hoodoos they became such vibrant, shimmering colors.

 At the bottom our trail led us through 'Wall Street'.
 A sentinel was posted to guard the way...

and there were many arches to pass through. The way down was easier than the way back up, although the
climb wasn't too bad, the heat of the day had come. It was so worth it though, and I think it lived up to the title 'the greatest two mile hike in the world'.

One last view of this magnificent National treasure. I hope you enjoyed your tour. We reluctantly left that day, so very thankful for the opportunity of having seen this.

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Peter Jones said...

They all say, "SO COOL!!" Will likes the peekaboo picture with the gnarled tree roots. We all, especially the littlest ones, like the Grammy and her grandkids one. They want to know how far it is to drive to here? They're planning a trip now. :) Ben says he likes the sentinel. Thank you for all the wonderful photos. What a great trip!

Julie, Sam, Will, Ben, Cal, Millie, and Cecily