Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy November Birthday, Aunt Joyce!

 Another special birthday needs to be slipped in-between our National Parks visit. Yesterday was my Aunt Joyce's 92nd birthday (Happy Birthday Aunt Joyce). She was born:
Joyce Mabel Erskine
on November 7, 1919
at Sylvan Lake, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The above photo shows Joyce as she and her mother Mabel were ready for haircuts in 1923. They lived on a farm near Lebanon, Oregon, and I'm not really sure who cut their hair, but they both got it cut short.

 She was 4th born in a family of eight children, and she and my mother were the only daughters. She married Roy Lambert on October 19, 1940 at age 20, and they were married for 65 years until he passed away in 2005. The photo above was taken on the porch of her Dad's farm in Waterloo, Oregon with an 'unknown' farm dog, and back of a piggy bank??

Our two families were very close. This photo was taken in Lebanon, and shows Aunt Joyce with her first child, my cousin Bill, and me in the backyard of our house. She had waited several years to have a child, and upon finally finding out she would never be able to, adopted Bill, and then a daughter, Beckie. She loved her children, and she and my Mom had children so close in age, that we were all one big happy family. Although she lived in Oregon all her life, and we moved to Seattle, the families traveled back and forth a lot, and we took vacations together every year.  

This fall, Beckie brought Aunt Joyce up for lunch at my daughter's house in Woodland. Aunt Joyce happily lives with her grandson Matt in Vancouver, and so I get to see her regularly. Although she suffers from Alzheimer's, she is one very happy and cheerful lady, that we all adore.

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Lora said...

What a sweet post. :) I was in awe of the first photo! I actually had to look closely as I thought it really resembled Kory when she was little. :)