Thursday, April 26, 2012

Starting with....Elijah

 I am finally back to our blog, and really appreciate Julie stepping in for me. We had a wonderful trip to see her and the whole family. I thought maybe I would share a couple of my favorite photos of each of the children, so that you can get to know them a little too. I decided to start with the youngest, Elijah. He turned one in January, and has been getting around for many months. He is an energetic bundle of toddler-hood. Above he is in Mama's arms with the rest of his siblings, as he greeted us on arriving.

 After arriving, I gave Julie her birthday present from JoAnn, a crocheted table runner. Here, Elijah is making off with said present!

 We did a lot of fun things while we were visiting, and one fine day went to a neighboring park. Elijah enjoyed the swings, and tried to play basketball with the BIG boys!

He is always looking for a bite to eat, and one of his favorite haunts is the kitchen counter. He is very photogenic with his great big eyes, and so we took a lot of pictures of him. Julie also has some great ones, so maybe she will add a few to these.

Below is the Easter photo of Elijah along with all the men in his family. Soon I'm sure he will get his blond curls cut off, so this may be the last of his rather precious babyhood photos.
It was fun to get to know this newest grandchild a bit better, and he even decided to give his Papa a wet kiss one day, in exchange for a bite of birthday cake.

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