Saturday, April 28, 2012

3 Year-Old Cecily

Cecily is very small and petite. But, she likes to climb and play outdoors just like the big boys. She climbed right up this climbing rock at the park one day.

Here she is on Papa's lap, reading a story along with three of her interested siblings, and one who was interested in making a fun photo! We tried to spend some 'special' time with each of the children, and I built a castle with Cecily and colored with her. She is really into coloring and making 'notes and cards' for people, as well as horses....she loves horses.

One day we took Cecily and her sister out for a trip to an old church not far from home. The church was built pre-revolutionary days, and had an old cemetery attached. We looked at the stones and read the names, and Cecily was one chilly girl. When we got home, her mother asked her what she had done. She said she had seen a horse, and looked at 'rocks'. From the mouth of babes!

We went one evening to a favorite restaurant, and took some time hanging out on the porch after we filled up our tummies. Cecily decided to pose for my photo.

 One afternoon we girls had a tea party. Cecily got all dressed up in a pretty dress, and had tea and cookies. The aftermath was a very happy girl with a slightly chocolate face : )
Big brothers Sam and Will played the piano in a piano recital one evening in a local church. In taking photos afterwards, Cecily decided that she needed a bit of attention as well, so William happily obliged.

Easter Sunday with Papa and a pretty dress with a vintage pink hat and a nice white sweater for that cool and chilly wind. Doesn't she just look the epitome of springtime?

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