Thursday, July 26, 2012

Washington's Rain Forest

 It seems we have been gone much of the time since April, this year. We had decided to go camping last week, when we received word of the (expected) death of my dear cousin Larry in Seattle. We changed plans, thanked God He had cleared our schedule, and decided to take a few days on our way to Seattle, to travel up the coast and go west around the Olympic National Park. This area is called the Olympic Rain Forest, and though it wasn't raining it did have almost 100% humidity. Beautiful, misty and mysterious, this coastline was a perfect place to visit in summer. It is somewhat remote, so the shoreline is almost free of other visitors, and still has that 'just discovered' feel. We found a time when the sand was actually 'steaming' if that would be the right word, at least moisture was rising steadily from all across the sand, to meet the mist in the air. That was a new sight for me.

 We found several things to enjoy on our way, including the sight of lots of log trucks, busily hauling their logs to mills. This is something that takes both of us back to our childhood, when the sight of log trucks was an everyday occurrence. It was very much missing during the 1980's and '90's and 2000's, and was so good to see the industry reviving in Washington and Oregon. After all, trees do grow quickly and large in the damp Oregon Willamette Valley and coastal areas of both states. And when managed properly, the wood products benefit everyone.

 We drove around Lake Crescent, and after a short walk found this tree. It is awe inspiring to stand at the foot of a living tree that has been living for 1,000 years. What changes have taken place around that tree! It truly is huge, and is a Sitka spruce tree.
The insurance man was very interested, and I think my grandsons might be as well.

My cousin, Larry Erskine, went to be with his savior Jesus, on July 14th. The service we attended was a wonderful tribute to this man, and of the legacy left from a life well lived in obedience to God. We were privileged to attend, and enjoyed time spent with Larry's family as well as my brother and his family.

Finally we stayed the night in Port Angeles, which is on the northern coast of Washington, on the Strait of Juan de Fuca on Puget Sound. Directly across the strait is the city of Victoria, with ferry service from Port Angeles to Vancouver Island. The sun finally broke through, and we had a glorious evening where we could see Victoria across the way, eat fresh salmon and cod, and have beautiful views of the snow topped Olympic mountains behind us.

It sure feels good to be home now, although God is so good to take care of us on our travels. Time to enjoy summer in the garden!

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