Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Juicy peaches...summer's delight!

 Is there anything better than to bite into a fresh, perfect, juicy peach...fresh from the tree? These are not OUR peaches, or peach tree, as that is not something we can do here in southeast Bend. But, we do have a friend who runs 'The Vegetable Man' produce stand nearby. He gets things almost daily from the Willamette Valley or the Yakima valley in Washington. I tried out some of his peaches this morning....

 in the form of fresh peach waffles with whipped cream. Oh yum! Peach season is definately in full swing, and we will be enjoying it.

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Kathy Poncy said...

Ah Peaches. A very special co-worker at St Chas and I would walk up to the cafeteria each early morning to get their special muffins baked with big hunks of peach inside. As we bit in to that first bite and the juice rolled down our chins he would say, "here is what I know for sure, the peach was the forbidden fruit." We would both chuckle and enjoy our wonderful treat.

Here's to Peaches everywhere !

Love you, Kathy