Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Deer Proofed

On Memorial Day week-end we were gone to the Oregon Coast. When we got back we discovered that a deer had made it's way into our back yard. Now, our neighborhood has a roving herd of deer or two that munch in our front yards and unprotected back ones. For many years we have had a fence that is just a bit too high for them to jump, and we happily grow whatever we want back there. On this week-end an enterprising doe boldly walked up our side handicapped ramp, past our apartment door, and found that the short section of fence there was much shorter. Without further ado, she jumped the section and although quite a drop on the other side found herself in the forbidden garden of her dreams. She ate what she wanted, and then came back to the section, only to find it was much higher on the other side. She must have been in quite a quandary for a while, but eventually jumped high enough to get herself back out, breaking three fence boards in the process. The broken boards were the evidence that gave her away,(along with the munched on plants).
In the next day or two, the insurance man repaired the boards by replacing them, getting everything nice and tidy. As we were sitting in our family room that evening, I noticed a doe go streaking by in our front yard. I mentioned that she wasn't casually strolling and munching, but looked as if she were a deer on a mission. The insurance man jumped up, and ran out our front door and around to the side ramp. He was just in time to see the doe gracefully sailing over the fence. After some shouting to me, we 'herded' our unwelcome visitor to the other end of the yard and garden, and out the gate back to where she belonged. He was gone for quite a while, while I settled comfortably back down to the TV. The next morning I walked around the end of the house to find the above scene. He had definitely put up 'no deer allowed' boards. That doe won't be visiting again anytime soon!


Peter Jones said...

Go Dad! No more deer in HIS yard! :) Pretty funny post, Mom.

Nancy B` said...

That is awesome. Sorry she munched before she departed. Would love to see her response next time she tries.