Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Golden Old Friends

'Make new friends, but keep the old....
one is silver and the other gold."

 This past week-end several friends gathered here in Bend for a fun and support filled week-end. I got married in the summer of 1971, and when we returned from our honeymoon, all these ladies were living in (or just leaving) Burns, Oregon.
 We attended First Baptist Church there, and were lucky to be in the church during a wonderful few years of great friendship. These ladies were at the baby shower for my first daughter, Joy, and I learned a great deal from these young Moms. * For the sake of our family members, the ladies are from L to R: Barb, Mary, Peggy, Cheryl and Linda.
Shortly after this, I met my very best friend for life, Nancy, in the same place at the same church. God was good to provide mentors for me, in sewing, crocheting, cooking, gardening and loving my husband, at that church and among the ladies there.
Forty-plus years later, we had our second 'annual' reunion week-end. We went out to dinner, we talked, we ate, we did a little 'antiquing', we enjoyed the great weather, we talked, we went out to tea together, we had fun, we cried, we talked, we ate some more, we walked, we prayed, and we loved each other.

How great is that??


Peter Jones said...

Elijah walked in while I was looking at these pictures and said, "Hey, who's those guys?" I told him they were "Grammy's friends." :) It was good to see Mary T.

Kathy Poncy said...

It is as great as it gets. Love to you.

Monica said...

How fun to have such good friends for so many years. You are blessed :)