Sunday, August 11, 2013

Golfing-First Outing!

I am glad to say that I have some pictures of Mom to post!  (Thanks to my sister, Joy)  As Mom has been cooped up, healing, for the last several weeks, she was a little nervous about the prospect of going out to the golf course at Black Butte with Joy and her husband for an afternoon.  Joy won a free 18 holes for four golfers at her class reunion last summer and needed to use it before it expired.  It gave her a good excuse to come visit Mom at the same time.  
 In the end, they had a wonderful time, with Dad spontaneously joining in and loving it. 
 I was shocked at how he fit right in!  I know that he doesn't golf, but you would never know it looking at this picture.  They said he played a great game too.  You're awesome, Dad!
 Here she is!  I was really happy when I saw this picture.  It's the first I've been able to "see" her since her accident.  This picture is deceiving, because she looks better than I thought she would.  My sister did her hair  (hard to do with one hand) and she's out holding the flag for their game.  These things are actually a big deal and firsts for her.
She said that "coming out" after her confinement indoors was really wonderful, enjoying the great outdoors by riding around in a golf cart, even though it wore her out.  This is a happy victory.

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Peter Jones said...

Elijah just saw these pictures and I wanted to tell you his comments. The one of Dad golfing he said,

"Der's Papa! He paying bassetball!"

(I explained to him about golfing and told him the right word)

Then I showed him the one of you. He pondered it. Then we looked at the one of both of you at the bottom and he got excited and said,

"Dey smiling! Dey come here. Dey come see me."