Friday, January 17, 2014

January Musings

Months have different colors, and I have always seen January in shades of blue. Like the blue shadows in the deep drifts of snow piled against the side of the house. Or the bright blue sky of a sunny winter day, contrasting with the whiteness of a new snowfall and the tall deep green spires of evergreens.

January is a long month containing thirty one slower moving days, and yet it's over so quickly. We rush on to the pink, red and white of Valentines, then gather speed towards Spring Break and motion and activity once again.

Snow dusted grave stones in January remind me of my mother and my Uncle Roy, and the many birthday cards and celebrations of Januaries' past. Mom's birthday was the Wednesday the 15th, and as has been my custom for the past thirteen years, I put on a special necklace of hers, for remembrance.

I enjoy using the quieter days of January for long hours of reading or writing or thinking. I love to make big pots of soup and have them simmer on the stove all day, so the house smells as warm as it feels. There are no particular have-to's in January, with few deadlines and paradoxically more time in the shorter days. It's quiet at home and quiet in nature on my morning walks.

Enjoy the month my friends!


Peter Jones said...

This is a very positive take on perhaps the dullest month of the year. :) Maybe that's just a matter of opinion. I love how you wear your mom's necklace on her birthday. I didn't know that! I'm looking forward to enjoying my last few days of January with your sentiments in mind.

Anonymous said...

Hoping to enjoy so of he quite reading, etc. between now and the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

Hoping to enjoy some of the quite reading, etc. between now and the end of the month.