Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An April Fool's Trick

Today is April Fool's day, and it is also the insurance man's birthday. He is used to people playing tricks and jokes, but this morning nature decided to play an April Fool's joke on him.

Shoveling snow on your birthday?? On April 1st?
The other part of the joke is that yesterday was the last day to have snow tires or studs on your car : )
Happy Birthday insurance man!

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Kathy Poncy said...

Update To Mr Insurance Man:
We live in Central Oregon - remember. And EVERY year when they announce the last day of studded tires, the next day it snows and then freezes. Happy Belated Birthday, John. You and Jennie are the sweetest of all folks and I am proud to have you as friends.

Hugs, Kathy