Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Flower-starved Winter Eyes

The white picket gate is open, beckoning us in to follow the path, to amble down the stone path. Spring is my favorite time to visit this lilac garden. This little space preserved from the low-income apartments whose shadows loom over the fences on either side, or the railroad track out behind.
This Saturday afternoon there is no one about. It's early spring yet, and the solitude has not been broken by the chatter and carelessness of visiting throngs. The tulips are up but most are not blooming yet,
 while the Daffie's nod cheerful faces to greet us as we roam. The camellias are fading now, many blooms vanquished by the spring rains. But the ones sheltered under giant oaks, their blooms stop me in my tracks. Light and dark pink, red and variegated...all in perfect symmetrical shapes shinning against glossy dark green leaves. We were not expecting lilac blooms, but some early varieties have surprised us in the sunshine. A first scent wafts by as we enjoy their enchantment. A bit further on we spy some vivid crimson ahead and lift a bough or two to find a crimson laurel bush fully bloomed out, the first of its' kind for the new spring. We soak up the beauty with flower-starved winter eyes, before ambling back to the picket gate, soothed by the beauty of spring.
*I will be having a shoulder joint replacement surgery tomorrow, and appreciate your prayers. This post will have to serve until I re-cooperate. Thanks for your understanding.

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Kyle Liedtke said...

"Flower starved winter eyes" and "soothed by the beauty of spring" are wonderful lines. Nice piece, Jen.