Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3 Members of the Jones Family Come to Visit

In September, we had a wonderful visit from Julie, William and Bronwyn. William came to stay for two weeks, and Julie and Bronwyn thought they would accompany him on his way to Papa's house. We all had such a good week together.

One morning miss Bronwyn had on my apron, and had her sippy cup. But she found Grammie's big one in the cupboard.
She is queen of "I can do it myself, please". So she tried to use the water in the door of the refrigerator to get a drink. Then with the top on, she was all set to go.
Success, and a happy girl!
Can you tell Grammie was delighted to have her visit?

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Peter Jones said...

These are so cute and I love the layout you did! I was excited to see some pictures from our trip. Thank you!