Friday, October 10, 2014

Yellow Pine, Idaho

 While we were visiting the Cascade/McCall area of Idaho, my brother-in-law wanted to show us a remote area close by where he lands his small plane and camps with others of like mind. It's only open a few months during the summer, and was closing up Labor Day week-end after we visited. The closest 'town' to the airstrip is this, Yellow Pine. We drove around and checked everything out, and saw the few hardy souls who call this place home. Again, most of the people and business's were packing things up and leaving for the winter. We did find one café open, so were able to have lunch there.
Honestly, it was the worst burger I've ever had! Burnt, dry and tough, but enough to get us by and quiet the stomach rumbles. I don't think they get many customers. Nice enough place however. It was a fun day's trip driving up through the mountains and seeing some beautiful county.
Back in Cascade, we stopped by some friends who own a Dodge dealership and enjoyed their Dodge Ram made out of barbed wire. You know you are in the backwoods when their sculptures are barbed wire....
and that night we enjoyed a movie at their old theatre. It was all fixed up so cute, and the doors and handles are made to look like old-time movie reels. Inside it's decorated all red and black, with tile floors and cute bathrooms. Who cares about the movie??

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Peter Jones said...

That was a fun little tour! I think the barbed wire is very original.