Thursday, April 28, 2016

Once In A Lifetime Part 2

Older Boys-Sam and Will Ages 16 and 15
Julie had a broken dishwasher, so they removed it. Now Sam and Will take turns doing evening dishes, and sometimes they do them together. They have fun while they work and everyone appreciates their efforts.

Samuel has been cheerfully doing dishes for a long time. When Will got bigger they both used to climb up on stools with dishtowels wrapped around their waists and learn to do dishes.
Sam has always liked babies, and doesn't mind helping out the little ones.
The oldest four boys all take piano lessons. While we were there, they were busy practicing for an upcoming Spring Piano Recital.
Sam and Will each played their own song, and then did a duet together which was a big hit with the audience.
I love it that these 'old' grandsons still like their Grammy, and don't mind spending some time with me. Sam went fishing, caught a trout and fixed it up for dinner for me one night. What a treat! Will and I have lots to talk about, including good books we've been reading.
I think William beat us all bowling, as he is really competitive and a good bowler.
These two guys are close in age, and do most things together, including eating like teen-age boys do!
While us girls were having fun, Papa and Peter were busy tearing out the bathtub, flooring and some of the wall in the bathroom. I didn't get a photo of the boys, but they spent several days working hard alongside the men and getting things done. 
Benjamin- Age 13
 Benjamin's birthday is 2 days after Millie's, on April 10th. Due to the stomach flu making the rounds through the family, Ben's birthday was split up into three parts. He weathered this with good humor. Every year he asks for banana pudding for his birthday dessert, and this year was no exception. And no, he didn't get to eat that whole thing by himself. Although, I think he could have!
We celebrated Ben's 13th by taking the older kids and going bowling. We all had a great time, especially Ben.
Ben likes to eat, and I think he may be the budding chef in the family.
Calvin- Age 11

Calvin had a good time bowling, and showed off some skills.
We all enjoyed Fat Pattie's and the French fries were as good as the burgers.
On our way on one of our many trips....
Calvin gets along just as well with Ben the next older, and Millie the next younger.
Elijah- Age 5

We were only going to take the older children bowling, but Elijah wanted to go so bad that we took him too. He really enjoyed it, and his ball was nearly as big as he is.
This is Elijah all dressed up for church. His bow tie was one my brother wore at his age, and I passed it on to Julie. It has gone down the ranks, and is perfect for Elijah now. Next will be baby James.
Elijah has many big brothers to look after him, help him and model good behavior for him.
He had a mishap in the water swimming, and is taking time to catch his breath and warm up.
Jameson- Age 1
I think Julie is really enjoying this sweet little guy and still having a baby in the house.

 Those curls in back are so cute! Everyone loves playing with and holding James.
and he gives out kisses too!
He's usually on the lookout for someone to pick him up for a while.
When Millie went up to the attic, James thought he'd like to try that too.  
Grammy got in her time too, although he's not much of a snuggler usually.
And once in a while, Papa and Grammy had to take a little break and rest : )
The whole bowling teams...and we all had such a wonderful visit!
Tomorrow we'll conclude this with a bit of our trip home and some family history investigating we did on our way.

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Peter Jones said...

The pictures of Jameson giving Dad a kiss and playing peek-a-boo are my favorites. I really liked those. I like the one of me with Jameson and I think I am enjoying having this little one around also. :-)

I liked the old picture of Sam. He's got a big grin for dishes. :-) The one you took of Dad and Ben at the bowling alley was a good one too.

Thanks for posting these for us to see and to save some. Love to you ~Julie