Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Once In a Lifetime


The insurance man and I decided to take most of the month of April and travel across our country to visit Julie and her family. The first thing we did was to go car shopping for a comfortable car, and we ended up with a 2015 Nissan Murano. It stood us a good stead for the trip.
Just before we left, Dad suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. We were able to hurry around and leave a day early to stop and see him. We were relieved to find him still smiling and in good hands while we would be away.
We had breakfast with Mom and other family at McDonald's before being on our way on our big adventure. We followed Interstate freeways, and went through 10 states on our way to West Virginia.
We took 4 1/2 days to reach our destination, and were determined to be there for granddaughter Amelia's 9th birthday. Our toughest and longest day was when we drove through Kansas City, St Louis and Louisville in one day. But the reward was seeing everyone the next day. Julie and family drove to meet us in the State Capital of West Virginia, which is Charleston. We met up at a restaurant called 'Fat Patty's' for lunch, and it turned out to be a very good and cheap hamburger joint.
Overall we had a great visit and special time together for 8 days. I will take each grandchild and show a few of the best photos.
Amelia (Since she was the birthday girl)
We had surprise snow storm on her birthday, which was April 8.
One of our favorite things to do when I visit is to have tea. One afternoon we had  impromptu cups of tea with some homemade sugar cookies Millie had made.
Another day we had a dress up tea party which was lots of fun.
 We celebrated Amelia's birthday one night with Reuben sandwiches for dinner, by her request...
and here is her birthday cake for our new 9 year old.
We love to do things together, so
 we decided to do a sewing project together. We needed her mothers fabric box from the attic, so she climbed up to get it. We picked some pretty blue fabric and then
 worked hard to make a curtain for the kitchen.
Towards the end of the week we took the older kids bowling for Ben's birthday. Millie got to come too, and had a good time improving her skills.
Taking a bowling break...
Cecily- Age 7 
Cecily is helping her mom make Ben's birthday dessert.
Cecily's dress up clothes for our fancy tea!

Cecily had a pack of cards, and talked Millie into playing with her.
Entertaining the baby!
Papa is GREAT!
Julie bought a kit and Cecily and I spent some time learning how to latch hook. Her picture is of a horse, and Cecily loves horses!
Bronwyn- Age 3
 Watching Grammy frost Millie's birthday cake.
 Getting a little Grammy comfort... We went swimming one day and Bronwyn slipped and hit her mouth on the concrete. She had a big fat lip for a day, but no teeth damage thank goodness. 
 Sitting with Dad after her bath,
 and sitting with Papa is always a good place to be.
These two fight and get along famously all at the same time. Right here they are hugging but making scary faces?
 This is Bronwyn at our fancy tea. Pink looks good on this girl!
That's enough for one post. Tomorrow we'll show the boys.

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Peter Jones said...

The pictures of Papa with the girls are good ones. And yes, Bronwyn is holding her skirt out just right for the picture. We'll have to send a picture of the finished curtain. It looks great! Cecily continues to love the latch hook. We'll have to show you her progress on that too. It sure was great that you took that time with the girls. It will very memorable for them. Love you, Julie