Thursday, June 23, 2016

June Happenings

Last weekend we had the blessing of attending a graveside service for my Aunt Joyce. We traveled over the mountain to where she lived her long, good life. We met up with my cousins Bill and Beckie, along with their families, shared some great memories and had good fellowship. We all grew up together, and it's hard to believe how old we are getting now...all these many years later. It was a true blessing to be together once again.

 Meanwhile, back at home the insurance man is hard at work, building our new storage shed. Every spare minute is going into this, hoping to complete it by the end of July.

It will not have electricity, so he found this cute window and placed it so that it faces NE, and will let in a lot of Central Oregon sunshine.

 Here are a few close-ups of the actual construction for those in WV interested in building a shed of their own.

and while he's working outside, I have a few 'shabby-chic' spots for reading and relaxing.

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Peter Jones said...

I realy like this post. espeshily The picter of the chair and intable. And the flowers. :)