Friday, July 8, 2016

4th of the July the way it should and family!

We were blessed to have granddaughter Macy here the week before the 4th. We did lots of fun 4th of July things, and here is a fun red, white & blue breakfast of yogurt and fruit. Macy loves fruit!
And here Macy and the insurance man are frosting red, white and blue cupcakes for my piano recital. And eating a little bit too....
Finished product, and some of the refreshments for the recital. Moms brought red and blue cut up fruit to go along with the cupcakes.
 Emily is getting really good, and has been playing long enough to be relaxed at recital time.
And here are three cuties after the recital is over, so they have big smiles!
We took Macy home and stayed for the whole weekend. Saturday we all hung out at the Lewis River on family property. Kirk and the men took a 3 hour kayaking trip down the river to the property. The insurance man got a pretty bad sunburn on his legs, maybe the first ever, but enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Later, grandson Lane wanted a ride too. There was lots of time to spend with the babies and kids.
And lots of good time spent with daughter Joy.
On the 4th we all went to Ridgefield to watch the great parade they have there. 
Granddaughter Kory joined us for the parade as she had the day off from working.

Kirk drove his restored tractor in the parade along with Lane, and Kory brought her fiancé Sam as well. We are looking forward to their wedding in October, another fun family event.
And finally when we got home we took JoAnn and Neil to go watch the fireworks show at the home of more family here in Bend. JoAnn made a special scarf just for the event, and the weather cooperated as it was chilly and cool that night.
Great 4th of July 2016!


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Peter Jones said...

Thanks for the photos. I am glad to see your cupcakes and recital pictures. :-) And JoAnn's scarf. I'm so glad you got that time with Macy!