Wednesday, September 7, 2016

August Doings

 We have been spending time in Burns with my in-laws. Good summer times together. Here we are relaxing in the shade of their front porch and watching the world go by.
 We always enjoy good food together, and Mom baked an apricot first! Her pies are always great!

We had a visit from granddaughter Kory, always a fun time.
We wanted to cook together, so we tried out a ham and veggie Risotto. It took a lot of stirring, but between the two of us, it wasn't bad at all....and the results were tasty! With a bit of fresh dill on top.

We got creative with breakfast too, and made an Eggs Benedict, only used fresh spinach instead of an English Muffin (gluten free) and I tried a Hollandaise sauce made in the blender. Loved how easy it was. We took it outside to eat, and it sure was fun having Kory here. She has now officially begun her first year as a high school science teacher. Good luck Kory!
 Next came a week's visit from Joy and Macy. We were blessed to have Macy with us for two weeks this summer. 
One night I put on some Frank Sinatra, good dancing music of course. We listened to music and danced as the sun went down on another beautiful summer day.
 Joy is a walker these days, and an early  morning one at that. She got up the first morning and enjoyed a great walk at sunrise, with the beautiful Cascade mountains in view...
and along our canal. After she got back, she joined the sleepyheads, and we all went for a walk together.
 One night we had a bonfire in the back yard, complete with S'mores. 
 A really fun time together as a family,
and Aunt JoAnn joined us too. We really enjoyed their summer visit. More about that in the next post.

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